Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Sewing at my Parents and at the Shuttle

I got my Confederate jacket cut out but ran out of time to cut out Miss Von Stoup's jacket. I have it packed for my beau's tomorrow, I may work on it there. I did look up what size to make her, so that's something. EDIT - I cut out her jacket today.

My mother and I got my beau's quilt pinned together, so I'll be tie quilting that in my free time. Yes, I know, feel free to laugh hysterically at that notion.

After I returned to the shuttle, I worked a little on my Persian skirt - cut denim for the interfacing for the waistband, sewed it to the waistband, put the waistband together and gathered the skirt down to fit. It looks like the waistband is too long however, unless I wear the skirt around my hips which is a possibility I suppose. Or I re do the waistband. This is also packed for my beau's tomorrow.

EDIT - I worked on my Persian bodice today. I put the white broadcloth together, decided I'd alter it via the back seam when I put the zipper in (which I need to purchase), and then worked on the eyelet overlay. I laid out the center front piece so that it was on the fold, and would thus not have a center seam. Then I laid out the middle front piece so it overlapped the center front at the top and would have what amounts to a dart at the bottom. The side front piece was cut out of what was left over. This is going in my bag to go to my beau's today.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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