Sunday, April 24, 2011

Marcon To Do List - Week of 4/25/2011

First off, a look at last week's to do list and how I did:

  • I finished Rachel's corset.
  • I finished Miss Dashwood's Steamnun.
  • We started our Steampunk Confederate Vivanidiere uniforms - My skirt is finished. Miss Von Stoup's is underway. My jacket is cut out.
  • However, I did not work on my Ottoman bustle.
  • Or on the Captain's alterations.
  • But I did work on my beau's quilt.
  • And it wasn't on the list, but I finished my Persian steampunk vest.
All in all, not bad progress.

This week's to do list:

  • Make sure Miss Von Stoup's skirt gets finished. - It needs to be gathered, have the waistband attached and the closure put on. (One to two hours.)
  • Cut out Miss Von Stoup's Confederate jacket. (Should only take an hour or so)
  • Start working on the jackets. (Each jacket will take about four to six hours I think)
  • Finish my Persian steampunk skirt. - I need to fix the waistband (its too long) and that means regathering the skirt. Then the center back seam, finishing the waistband with muslin lining, sewing closures on and then hemming it. (Should only take about three hours, mainly because the hem will be done by hand)
  • Put together my Persian bodice. (maybe another hour or two of work to be done)
  • And I'd like to get at least one of the Captain's alterations done. (one hour per alteration)
And here's the full Marcon to do list:

  • Finishing Rachel's corset - DONE
  • Finishing Miss Dashwood's Steamnun - DONE
  • Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere Uniforms - We finally started these!
  • Improving my Lady of the Ottoman Empire - bustle and vest. I'm pretty sure this is going to be pushed back til Dragon Con
  • Finishing the Captain's alterations
  • Finishing Steampunk Persian costume (including naming it...) - Vest is done. Need to finish the skirt, make the bodice and figure out the hat.
  • Adding lace to Miss Dashwood's bustle if she purchases lace soon enough.
  • In non Marcon news, my playsuit / skirt combo.
I may add more details tomorrow, but at least its a good start for my weekly to do list post. EDIT Details added, including hour estimations!

Bonne nuit! A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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