Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Sewing - Trying to Finish 4/25 To Do List

Less than a month til Marcon equals a very rushed and panicked Miss Wilde.

I just finished my Persian bodice. I hand stitched the overlay along the top in the car while going to meet friends for a birthday luncheon. Then I basted the zipper in on the way home. I tried on the bodice and it was still a little big (I'd taken our a couple inches when I basted the zipper in) so I took out a little more, pinned it, tried it on again and it was now pretty much perfect, so I handstitched the zipper in. And that part of the costume is DONE.

I also worked on my Persian skirt -- the waistband is stitched in place and the closures are stitched on. Just needs hemmed.

I worked on my Confederate jacket. The body is put together and taken in to fit me. I think I should have gone with a size smaller but taking it in worked.

I'm trying to get a new vest made for my beau before the Airship Archon photo shoot next weekend. Fingers crossed it works out. Its cut out and I've started putting it together. I can do this. I want him to look snazzy for our photo shoot. I will be wearing the Time Traveler, by the way.

That's it for now! A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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