Friday, May 13, 2011

Update on MARCon preparations

As many other bloggers have commented on, we are missing posts, a fact that will supposedly be remedied but...

So I figured I'd summarize my last couple posts, and give my weekend to do list while I'm at it.

First of all, the Confederate uniforms are being set aside for the moment. I'm instead going to focus on getting Miss Von Stoup an Asian inspired jacket for our "steampunk around the world" panel.

Full MARCon to do list

  • Helping a fellow Archonite make a bustle. She's coming over tonight.
  • Finishing the Captain's alterations
  • Finishing the hat for my steampunk Persian costume. All I have left to do is a bit of hand sewing and the elastic to hold it on my head. DONE
  • Putting a zipper into Miss Dashwood's utility bustle.
  • Asian inspired jacket for Miss Von Stoup.

Most of this is going home with me this weekend to Cincinnati. An unexpected trip but a necessary one. I'm hoping to get the Asian inspired jacket mainly finished, as well as the bustle alteration and the hat, and hopefully finish the Captain's alterations as well.

In non-sewing news, before MARCon I need to:

  • Dye my hair - bleach it out and dye it a lighter shade of blonde
  • See if I can find extensions and make pigtails for Diamonds Are Forever or hunt down a wig
  • Research and prepare panel presentations. So far I'm doing Victorian 101, Steampunk and Neo Victoriana and Steampunk Around the World

And for your viewing pleasure, my Persian hat!

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