Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Picture Time!!

From WindyCon 2009 - steampunk saloon girl (Photo by the Reverend Captain out of Chicago):

From MARCon 2010 - Victorian vampire with Miss Dashwood as my human servant (photo from Miss Dashwood's camera)

From Ohayocon 2010 - one of the many incarnations of my burgundy and black outfit (taken by Lindsay)

From Ohayocon 2011 - the only picture I have of "Lady of the Ottoman Empire" (and that's my beau next to me) (photo by Pete Taylor):

From Gothcoming 2010 - another incarnation of my burgundy and black outfit (photo by Miss Van Eycke of the Airship Archon)

Ohayocon 2011 - Steampunk Gotham City Sirens. I picked this picture because it shows my bustle very well. (photo by Jolt Photography)

From our photo shoot this past weekend - Time Traveler. I like how my hood looks in this picture. (photo by CThomas Photography)

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