Saturday, May 7, 2011

MARCon Progress, slowly but surely

Yesterday, I hemmed my Persian skirt. So all that needs finished is the hat, which I also worked on. I'm going for a 'when pillbox met turban' feel -- white gauze with some brocade, with a strip of white gauze wrapped around for the turban feel. Its loosely based on a Racinet illustration:

Actually the entirely thing started with this illustration. The costume is based on the girl who's second from the left and second from the right. The underbust jacket was a major inspiration, and the hat looks to be a pillbox turban. With the use of the white gauze in the hat, it seemed natural.

The hat is coming along nicely: the outside is stitched together (the crown has netting and buckram for support, the top has heavy interfacing) and the lining is also put together. All I need to do is stitch the outside and the lining, finish the edge and add the turban elements.

I finished my beau's vest -- yesterday I did the buttonholes, today I sewed on the buttons and bought new cording for the lacing in the back. I think it looks quite spiffy myself.

I made myself a dress. They sell presmocked fabric during the spring and summer. All you have to do is sew the back seam and you have a dress. I have one that I made when I first started sewing, and I wore it a lot last summer so I decided to make a new one. The old one is actually hideous -- bright pink with dark pink leaves on it. The new one is nicer - black with colorful flowers. I did the seam today, I'll wash it tomorrow when I do a quick load of laundry.

Tomorrow I need to work on my Confederate jacket, after our photoshoot of course.

Bonne nuit!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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