Monday, May 2, 2011

Marcon To Do List - May 2, 2011


As Marcon reminded me on Twitter this morning, 25 days til the convention.

Let the panic begin.

I have a busy week this week (concert tonight, work tomorrow and Thursday evenings and friends coming into town Friday night) so I don't know how much I'm going to get done. Unfortunately. So this is going to be a very conservative to do list.

First of all, a recap of what I accomplished last week:

  • I asked Miss Von Stoup about her skirt and she plans to finish it this week.
  • I cut out Miss Von Stoup's Confederate jacket.
  • And I started working on the jackets. Both have the main body put together and mine has been fitted.
  • My Persian steampunk skirt is almost finished.
  • I put together my Persian bodice.
  • And I still haven't worked on the Captain's alterations.
Okay so here's my (conservative) to do list for this week:

  • Repair Miss Dashwood's utility bustle
  • Finish my beau's new vest before the photo shoot Sunday - The main part has been put together, including darts, attaching the 'belt' at the side seams (it goes across the back), sewing on a pocket for his pocket watch and putting the lapels on before I did the shoulder and side seams. I need to cut another back out for the lining, put the lining together, insert it, hand stitch where necessary and then do the buttons and buttonholes.
  • Finish my Persian skirt - Just needs the hem done.
  • Fit Miss Von Stoup's jacket and take in where necessary. I plan to stop by her abode tomorrow after work for the fitting.
  • Make sure she finishes her skirt.
While short, I honestly think this is probably all I can accomplish this week with my aforementioned busy schedule. If I can get more done, I will.

What I need to do before Marcon -

  • Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere Uniforms - I need to finish both jackets and then see about putting on the braid and buttons before the convention.
  • Finishing the Captain's alterations
  • Finishing Steampunk Persian costume - Hemming the skirt. Making the hat. And I need to name it.
After Marcon --

  • My playsuit / skirt combo. - Current idea is a navy playsuit with a red white and blue skirt. We're contemplating a trip to the lake for the Fourth and I just love the idea of a patriotic sundress to wear. And I can sunbathe in the playsuit without having to slather myself in sunscreen to protect my tattoos. Deadline - Fourth of July obviously.
  • Scarlet Spider for a fellow Archonite. Deadline - DragonCon
  • Fix my Ottoman costume. Deadline - DragonCon
  • And probably improve both the Confederate uniforms and the Persian outfit. Deadline - DragonCon
  • I want to make a pair of pants to go with my Persian outfit for our Steampunk Invasion of the Santa Maria that is planned for June. I'm thinking bloomers or possibly salwar... Deadline - June.
That's it from me today, dear readers! A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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