Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things to Do Before MARCon

MARCon starts a week from tomorrow!!

I started packing last evening. Which translates to I threw some things in a bag and put costumes in my garment bag. I also figured out what I will likely be wearing to the Contraptions concert Thursday evening.

My to do list is rather small, but I still have things to work on:

  • Miss Von Stoup's jacket - We had a fitting yesterday and it fit just fine. I need to cut out the collar and attach it. I'm thinking of finishing the edges with bias, but I need to run it by her first and then purchase some. But the fabric has a little stretch to it, so just hemming all the edges isn't going to turn out very well.
  • The Captain's pants - I need to see if I can take them in, or if I should cry failure.
  • Get fabric and safety pins for the Star Wars inspired togas that my beau and I plan to wear to the toga party. If we're still doing this.
  • Shorten my Imperial Officer uniform skirt. Its not 501st acceptable anyways, so why not make it just a little shorter? I hate the current length.
  • Help my fellow Archonite with her bustle if she needs it.

I also need to:

  • Go to Sally Beauty to get bleach, dye and extensions
  • Bleach and dye my hair
  • Construct blonde pigtails from said extensions
  • And research and plan FOUR panels for MARCon: Victorian 101; Steampunk around the world; Making a Bustle and Steampunk & Neo-Victoriana
  • Oh and pack. I might just need to take care of that.

As I mentioned before, next week is very busy (concert Monday, work Tuesday, concert Thursday) so I need to get the majority of this finished this week and weekend.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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