Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MARCon photos!

First up, an outfit and person I came to admire: Jess from Ties that Bynde corsets. Isn't she pretty-ful? (photo by Jeff Carlisle)

The following photographs are all from Miss Dashwood's camera:

First up, the three musketeers of multicultural steampunk: Miss Von Stoup is on the left in her Asian inspired jacket (by me), I'm in the middle wearing my Persian steampunk ensemble (with a very curly black wig) and Miss Dashwood is on the right in her new rajpunk outfit, inspired by Buddist nun's robes (also by me, with a corset she special ordered).

Next, a single shot of me:

Of Miss Dashwood:

And of Miss Von Stoup:

All of the above photos were taken Friday at our Steampunk Around the Globe panel.

On Saturday, I decided to wear my Persian vest with a black tank top and leggings. You can sort of see it here as Miss Von Stoup and I molest a stormtrooper.

From Saturday night, Miss Von Stoup and I as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. We wore these for the steampunk fashion show.

The following photographs were taken by Corielle Riddell.

Me as Harley Quinn, showing off the necklace my beau bought me. It's a claddagh pendant with an amethyst as the heart.

Miss Von Stoup and I as Ivy and Harley with Captain LaGrange.

Miss Von Stoup showing off her Ivy makeup that was done by Miss O'Hare from the Archon.

Another shot of Miss Von Stoup and I as Ivy and Harley.

And another shot of me in my Persian steampunk:

And finally, a picture of me as Gorgo!


  1. Thank you SOOOO Much for the bustle panel! It makes much more sense now.

  2. You are VERY welcome, Wendy! Glad I could help!