Saturday, November 19, 2011

Progress on Fall / Winter Sewing To Do List

As you all know, my Keeper of the Keys skirt is finished.

And today I worked on both jumpers (which were already cut out). The pink pinstriped full skirted version is DONE. I just finished hand sewing the bodice lining in place and put a little decorative top-stitching around the neckline.

The navy jumper is to the hand sewing point. First I need to put the zipper in, then do a fitting to make sure I like how it fits. Then comes doing the hem, neckline and armholes by hand. There is no way I'm going to stitch any of that on a machine with that wide wale corduroy. It would look awful I'm sure.

And as I posted yesterday, panel one of the crazy quilt skirt is complete.

I pulled out the blouse for the gypsy steampunk outfit and the teal silk I wanted to use for a corset and I think it is going to work. The color is good and I have one yard of the silk which should be plenty. First step of that project is making the pattern. I'll probably base it off of several corset and bodice patterns and combine the different pieces to get what I want.

Tomorrow I'll finish the navy jumper and hopefully work on the Harley Quinn collar and maybe even the crazy quilt skirt. I need to decide what I'm packing for my trip home and get that packed no later than Monday (work a double Tuesday and leave Wednesday right after work).

That's it for now my dearest friends! A bientot!

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