Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall/Winter Wardrobe sewing

I cut out the pink jumper yesterday and started to pin the darts but got tired of it. There are A LOT of darts in that pattern. I also sorted out zippers for my sewing, none of which are perfect matches but if its using a purple 22" zipper in a navy jumper instead of spending the money on a new zipper, then I'm okay with it. The pink jumper is getting a white zipper and the Keeper of the Keys has a white zipper but its actually a separating one.

I brought my elf-punk bustle with me to work so I can sew on the closures (snaps).

I work both jobs today so no sewing after work. Tomorrow, Beau wants to work on fixing one of his costumes. Hopefully, we can get that out of the way fairly quickly and I can work on my sewing.

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