Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adventures in Quilting - The Final Post and What's Next for Miss Wilde

I finished my mother's wall hanging and Beau's quilt yesterday. The binding of the quilt seemed like it took forever due to the size. But its DONE and he's happy and I'm sure mother will be as well. I passed on putting on a hanger, because I don't know what kind of hanger to put on there. I may add it sometime between now and Christmas, when I can talk to her about it.

I went shopping yesterday. What I bought: white flannel with black keys on it for a skirt (suitable for work and steampunk), pink with a grey pinstripe shirting for a jumper (Simplicity retro pattern mentioned in previous posts), the binding for both abovementioned projects, some white blizzard fleece for Beau to use in a costume, and some comic printed fabric for something for Beau for Christmas. Currently I'm thinking a Christmas stocking with matching pajama pants trimmed in the leftovers (there's not enough for pajama pants, maybe for boxers but I don't know if he'd wear those and I've been thinking about making us stockings so I think that's the best route).

I also started the bustle for my Christmas steampunk outfit (I'm calling it "elf-punk") -- I cut the tablecloth I'm using in half and started assembling the bustle with the aid of my dressmaker's dummy. I fastened the bustle pillow on her butt and went to town. Once the bustle's done, I'm planning to make a fabulous Christmas-y hat / fascinator to go with it. I just need to figure out what to use as the base to pile on flowers and other fun stuff.

After the elf-punk dress is finished, I will move on to the normal work clothes: Finishing a skirt that's already cut out. The keeper of the keys skirt. The retro pink jumper. And retro out of some wide wale blue corduroy, either a jumper or a skirt. And then of course the Christmas stockings. I think I may need to pick up some Tinkerbell fabric for my stocking / pajama pants combo. EDIT I also have some UC Bearcats fabric left over from a remnant I bought earlier this year (I made myself a bandana). If I have enough, I might use this for my combo instead.

As for other Christmas presents, my father has no idea what he wants me to get him and my brother and sister in law have told me that they cannot afford presents this year and so don't want me to spend any money on them.

Okay, I'm going to get dressed (still in my robe and slippers! lol) and head down to the sewing room for a little elf-punk fun.

A bientot!

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