Monday, November 21, 2011

More To Do List Progress - Fall / Winter Sewing and Gypsy Steampunk

The navy jumper is DONE. The zipper went in well, the jumper fit pretty perfectly, and while the neckline / armholes / hem took a while, it went fine as well. I plan on wearing it tomorrow and I'm wearing the pink jumper today!

I didn't work on the Harley Quinn collar. I decided I'd rather pack it for the trip to my parents' this weekend. Also packed will be the corset and the crazy quilt skirt.

I actually started on the corset last night. I combined three patterns: McCalls 6097 for the back (which I then cut in two to give me a side back seam), a modified underbust version of McCalls 4107 for the center front, and Simplicity 3618 for the side front. I trimmed pieces as needed to fit together more smoothly and clipped the front strap of the side front in half to give me a spot for it to buckle / snap. I then took apart the pattern which will likely become the lining of the new corset and double checked to see that I had enough silk (which I do) and I also found some denim to use as the interlining. It's not as heavy as I'd like, but it will do.

With me today is the corset to cut out and the crazy quilt skirt, I started panel number two last evening after working on the corset.

I feel like I'm making good progress on my December 31 to do list.
  • My fall / winter sewing is DONE.
  • The gypsy steampunk crazy quilt skirt and corset are well underway.
  • The Harley Quinn collar and cuffs are in the planning stages.
  • I'd like to make a hat of some sort for my elf-punk dress, but its wearable as is.
  • And I've sorted out a lot of fabric for some stash sewing.
  • Also I have fabric for a couple Christmas presents that I need to work on, but neither will take much time.
A bientot!

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