Monday, November 14, 2011

Progress on my Fall / Winter Sewing To Do List

This weekend, I trimmed my Diamonds are Forever jacket with the tiny white pompoms. I also pinned the darts for both jumpers and pinned together the Keeper of the Keys skirt. And went shopping with my mother and bought fabric for the gypsy steampunk crazy quilt skirt as well as a couple other projects.

Today, I finished the elf punk bustle (snaps and a waistband) and trimmed the Diamonds are Forever skirt (I had extra trim!). I ran a few inches short on the skirt, I'm hoping it doesn't show because of the bustle but if it does, I'll have to buy more trim.

Gypsy Steampunk skirt: I cut out the base fabric, using my walkaway skirt pattern, out of black broadcloth. Then I cut it into six gores, roughly the same size. I started a collection of fabrics to use -- teal crepe, silver brocade, deep orange crushed velvet, burgundy velveteen, gold lace, green velveteen, brown faux silk, purple linen with pinstripes, teal paisley brocade, gold faux silk and black / burgundy iridescent taffeta. My mother said she would help with the embroidery, which is why I went with gores. I can finish one, take it to her and she can embroider it.

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