Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elf-Punk and Fall/Winter Wardrobe sewing

Christmas Steampunk Bustle aka "Elf-Punk"
: For those of you who are uninformed, I love Chirstmas. As in I am obsessed with Christmas. My usual modus operandi is to decorate on November 1st because in my mind once Halloween is over, it's Christmas time. So when the Airship Archon started planning a holiday tea for December (which I may not be able to make it too because of family obligations *sad face*) and I found an old Christmas tablecloth in my Christmas things that was pretty unusable as a tablecloth because it had been ruined in one spot by children with paint (yes, it was me and my brother, the Luke to my Leia, the Jacen to my Jaina...okay I'm done with the Star Wars twin references lol), I knew that I had to do a Christmas steampunk outfit.

The tablecloth: White background. Trimmed in white fringe. Border pattern of poinsettas, bows and leaves in greens, reds, and burgundies.

I started off by cutting the tablecloth in half. Then I cut out the middle of one half to have a half circle to use as the apron:

Apron: Stage One

I created the top of the bustle with a half circle of white taffeta cut to roughly match the top of my bustle pillow. I edged it in white lace then started building the bustle. I removed the damaged portion of the center-less tablecloth half, finished the ends, ran a gathering stitch along the top edge and gathered it to fit the top of the bustle.

Bustle: Stage One

Next, I took the complete tablecloth half, found its center and the bustle top center, pinned the centers together then pinned along the bustle top. The remaining edge was finished as I stitched the two together.

Bustle: Stage Two

Now I went back to the apron. I used my trusty Simplicity 5457 (OOP) to make the apron back which I cut out of black cotton. I finished the lower edge of the apron with lace to match the bustle lace and a bit of fringe taken from the damaged section of tablecloth. Then I finished the top edge and sewed the apron back to the ends.

All that's left to do is sew on some closures. I plan to wear the bustle and apron with my black underskirt, a white blouse and either my burgundy bodice or a red corduroy bodice that I have never worn. I also plan to make or decorate a hat to match, probably with some poinsettas and maybe some other Christmas-y decorations.

With my elf-punk out of the way for the time being, I moved on to cutting out some patterns for my fall / winter wardrobe sewing. I need new work clothes!

First up, the keeper of the keys skirt. I used Vogue 2429, a sundress pattern that I love. I just cut out the skirt for view I. I think I have a self drafted waistband somewhere to use. There was about a half yard of fabric left over, I'm thinking I may need to make a waist cincher for when I wear the skirt for play and not work.

Vogue 2429, I used the skirt from View I, the green plaid

Keeper of the Keys fabric: the light makes it look yellow but in reality it's a white background with black keys.

Next, I cut Simplicity 3673 (retro jumper) out of dark blue wide wale corduroy. I went with View A (the blue one on the right) but I'm not making the belt. Since it's a jumper, I cut the largest size on my pattern, just to be on the safe side.

Simplicity 3673, the staple of my winter wardrobe.

I'm planning to cut view C (the full skirted center option) out of pink and grey pinstriped shirting tonight after work.

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