Friday, November 11, 2011

A little progress, A little more planning

First of all, I just sat at my desk at work and made a pattern for the Harley Quinn collar. All I did was pull up a picture of Harley and draw until it looked right. Yeah for progress!! I may even take the white taffeta home with me this weekend to work on.

Also in my sewing box for the weekend: Elf Punk bustle. Pink jumper. Navy jumper. Keeper of the Keys skirt. I won't really be able to sew any of it except the bustle, but I can at least start pinning all those freaking darts. I think there's twelve total on each jumper.

I did a little shopping today, mainly notions (needles, elastic and hook and eye closures, you know the necessities) but I also bought six yards of white tiny pompom trim for the Diamonds are Forever jacket and a pattern for my homage to the 18th century.

I purchased Simplicity 4092. Now I know its not really very accurate, but I'm just not much for historical accuracy: that's why I do steampunk. And I think some of the construction details can be altered to make it more accurate, like taking away the back zipper and putting buttons down the front. It was also the closest I could find to this dress (that Beau likes), from Sleepy Hollow. I might make it in the cream and black flocked satin for the bodice with a black petticoat, perhaps trimmed in cream.

Photo from Maggie's Costume Wardrobe.

As for the gypsy steampunk skirt, I've decided to go the crazy quilt route. This is going to be a labor of love my friends. I plan to buy about 4 yards of broadcloth to use as the base fabric and I'm going with a circle skirt style, probably based on the skirt of Butterick 4790. I need to sort through my scraps and even my fabric, picking out the best fabrics (I'm thinking deep rich colors, colors that coordinate with the blouse, and fabrics on the richer end of the spectrum). Once the skirt is put together, I'll start on the embroidery and maybe even the beading. I told you it'd be a labor of love. I'm also contemplating the high backed corset vest out of teal silk dupioni that I have in my stash. If I have enough and if its a good color with the blouse.

I may even take my steampunk Harley Quinn jacket home this weekend so I can start on the trim, thus giving me time over Thanksgiving to devote to the crazy quilt skirt.

A bientot!

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