Friday, November 18, 2011

To Do List to Complete by December 31, 2011

I think December 31 will make a lovely due date, don't you? Since I have no events to count down to until January.

My basic to do list:
  • fall/winter sewing
  • elf punk
  • sewing for Miss Von Stoup
  • Harley Quinn revamp
  • patchwork skirt for gypsy-punk
  • stash sewing: cream and black satin, black and silver plaid, purple linen, bright pink satin
  • corsets
Progress so far and plans:

First up, Harley Quinn revamp in two parts:
  • Comic book version: Made a pattern for the new collar. I need to make the new collar and make the cuffs.
  • Steampunk version: Finished sewing trim around the jacket edges and to the skirt hem. I may need to purchase a little more trim.
Next, fall/winter sewing:
  • I have two jumpers cut out and started pinning them.
  • And I finished the Keeper of the Keys skirt.
As for my Christmas sewing...
  • I finished the elf punk bustle.
  • I'd like to make a hat for the elf punk ensemble.
And my gypsy punk costume is coming along.
  • Patchwork crazy quilt skirt is started.
  • And I'm thinking of doing a teal silk high backed corset vest if (1) I have enough fabric and (2) the silk coordinates well with the blouse.
I've made no progress on Miss Von Stoup's sewing. Nor have I started any of my planned stash sewing, although I did set aside a couple things -- the cream and black flocked satin is sitting with the pattern I plan to use and I bundled some black and silver plaid with the leftover flocked chiffon from the underskirt. I have more plaid somewhere.

Oh and I need to make a toaster cover for a Christmas present. But I forgot to measure the toaster...

What I'd like to get done this weekend:
  • Pink full skirted jumper.
  • Navy slim skirt jumper.
  • Harley Quinn collar.
  • Work on crazy quilt skirt.

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