Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pink Jumper Pictures and Crazy Quilt Skirt News!

First up, some pictures of my new pink jumper that I wore yesterday:

As full length of a photo as I could get and I do apologize for the obligatory bathroom cell phone picture, I figured it was better than nothing.

Close up of the hem, where I used polyester horsehair braid to give it some body.

Close up of the neckline with hand done decorative topstitching in gray thread to match the pinstripes.

Now I just need a gray blouse...

In other news, I finished ANOTHER panel of my crazy quilt skirt:

And it's nowhere near as purple as it looks in this picture...Stupid lighting.

Besides finishing panel #2 last night, I also worked on my corset. All the pieces (except the lining) are cut out. I decided that what I used for the pattern was not sturdy enough for the lining. It is going to become interlining for the silk, then I'll have a layer of denim then black broadcloth as the corset lining.

What's in Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket for the weekend? (aka my weekend to do list)
1. Pattern, fabric and pompoms for Harley Quinn collar.
2. Teal silk corset, including broadcloth to cut out for the lining.
3. Crazy quilt skirt.
4. I also packed some little bits (such as fake coins) that will be used on my gypsy steampunk costume somewhere.

A bientot mes amis and Happy Thanksgiving!

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