Monday, March 12, 2012

What Miss Wilde Did This Weekend...And this week's to do list

Some sewing for Beau: Replaced a zipper in Beau's vest. Sewed Velcro onto some patches. And helped him put grommets in a banner.

Worked on my projects:
  • Worked on my crazy quilt skirt. I now have a mere 5 seams standing between me and my last gore being finished.
  • Started the petticoat. I used a petticoat pattern from Simplicity for the yoke and cut it from some white broadcloth. I laundered the muslin and cut it into strips: two 45" pieces for the first layer, two 90" pieces for the second, and one 90" plus six 45" pieces for the third. The first layer is a little narrower than the other two. I also pulled, washed and deconstructed my eyelet skirt, but I haven't cut it up yet.
  • Worked on my basque. I laundered the interlining fabric, re-did the pattern pieces in a larger size, and cut out the satin and the interlining. I also pinned the interlining to the appropriate satin pieces because it's going to have to be hand basted.
  • I looked for fabric for the playsuit / skirt combo, but failed. I might try to squeeze the playsuit out of a piece of lilac linen I have, I'm only 1/4 yard short...

Week of March 12, 2012 To Do List:

  • Finish my embroidery. EDIT -- I finished my third gore and my mother finished her second. Pictures tomorrow!
  • Work on the petticoat. EDIT -- This is probably on hold til the weekend. The 'gathering' thread I used doesn't want to pull through and gather. I'm going to have to re-do it.
  • Baste the interlining to the satin for my basque bodice. EDIT -- Started the hand basting tonight. I have two pieces finished.
  • Finish cutting out the basque bodice (I still need to do the contrast cuffs and collar as well as the lining)
  • See if I can use the lilac linen for my playsuit.

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