Friday, March 9, 2012

Brewing Ideas...And a Progress Report / Weekend To Do List

I have a ton of ideas brewing in my head (yes I know, shocking). And I wanted to get them all down somewhere I won't lose them, so here you go! lol

  1. A diagonal seamed corset. The obsession started a few days ago when I saw this on Bridges on the Body. Then I found this post today on a new blog, The Laced Angel, and she had a link to an article on Foundations Revealed that tells you how to make a diagonal seamed corset. So now I know HOW to make a pattern I have into a diagonal seamed corset. I really want one, probably an underbust since that's my favorite. I kinda want one that's longer, like an Edwardian corset...
  2. I still want to make an 18th century outfit.
  3. And I've been having these Regency cravings lately. I even bought a Simplicity Regency gown pattern! I want a gown with a spencer soooo badly. Not that I have any idea where I would wear it...

Progress Report:

  • Mom's second gore is almost finished for the crazy quilt skirt.
  • I have five seams to go on my second gore.
  • I'm going to do another mock up of my vest basque this weekend. Heather from TV thinks I have my bust measurement wrong, so I'm going to try a new size for the front only and see how that works before I re do all the pieces.
  • And I think I've figured out the fabric combinations for the bodice. I was going to do the vest in the contrast Paris print, but didn't know how to do the collar and cuffs. I just saw a version w the vest matching the rest of the bodice and the collar / cuffs in a contrast. I think I'm going to go that route.
  • Playsuit / skirt ideas: if I have enough of both, I'm thinking green patterned cotton playsuit w a lilac skirt. If I don't maybe do the playsuit in the lilac and get a contrast print for the skirt. Yardage estimate: 2 yards for the playsuit, 3 yards for the skirt.

Weekend to do list:

  1. Replace a zipper in Beau's vest.
  2. Embroider on my skirt, at least finishing the current gore. EDIT -- Since the current gore is DONE, I might just try to get my last one done this weekend. :)
  3. Start on the gyspy petticoat. Launder the muslin and start cutting it into strips, after I decide how wide said strips need to be. Cut out the yoke. Pull out my white eyelet skirt for cannibalization, wash it as well, but don't cut into strips until necessary.
  4. Also launder the interlining fabric for my basque so it loses some stiffness.
  5. Re-trace the front basque pieces in a larger size, cut new muslin pieces and re do the front of my bodice for another fitting.
  6. Once the fitting issues are figured out, start cutting out the bodice fabric if I can.

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