Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update - March 27 2012

I finished embroidering the last skirt gore that my mother had, and started putting the skirt together. All the gores are together, and the waistband is halfway finished. I started pinning lace along the hem as hem tape -- I can't find my horsehair braid and I don't want to shorten the skirt more than necessary.

So I need to hand stitch the waistband in place, put on a closure, maybe tack down the sides of the back opening, and finish the hem.

As for the petticoat, I finished the waistband and pinned the hem, and finished two of the inside seams with bias. The third I want to finish with wider bias so I have something to sew the black ruffle onto. Oh and my papa graciously washed the lace for me to get rid of the bleach smell.

I need to - sew on a closure, put wide bias on the bottom ruffle, hem it, add the lace, add the bottom ruffle.

I didn't touch the basque or the playsuit.

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