Friday, March 9, 2012

Gypsy Steampunk: Crazy Quilt Skirt Progress -- Halfway DONE!

Picture time!!!

First up, my mom sewed a crocheted flower onto the gore she's working on right now. She thinks its from a doily one of her grandmothers made.

Next, I just finished my second gore! That means the skirt is halfway done!

And last but not least some detail shots:

I stitched down a little flower applique to cover up the knot at the end of cording I couched down along another seam. From left to right, the blue / green is a double herringbone, the green is a Russian chain stitch (I think), the pale blue (looks white) is a braided chain stitch, the orange is a cretan stitch, the gold is a blanket stitch. And in the lower corner, is some green feather stitching.

This is a new stitch for me and I really liked it. The pale green (once again it looks white) is a fly stitch. Above that is the basque stitch and in the lower corner you can see some blue feather stitching.

I'm feeling really good about this project right now. We have three of the six gores embroidered. I've been working on calculating fabric requirements and dimensions for the petticoat.

Speaking of the petticoat, my original idea was to make each tier twice as long as the one above it. Yes, I want a FULL petti for this costume. But...when I went through all the calculations, I came out with needing 12 yards of fabric for the bottom ruffle.

Um...12 yards for ONE ruffle? I don't think so.

So I went back and re-calculated at around one and a half times the size of the ruffle above. Not as full as I like, but Miss Wilde is frugal. I'm still going to need about 5 or 6 yards of 45" fabric for the bottom ruffle. But I'm a little more comfortable with that than with 12 yards.

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