Friday, March 23, 2012

Week of March 19 ....

I didn't get too much done, honestly.

I did rinse and dry my bleached lace, but it really needs washed to remove the bleach smell. And it hasn't been applied to the petticoat yet, petticoat hem is about halfway done so once that's finished and the lace is washed, it can be put on.

I did put the waistband on, but it needs the hand work (folded over and attached) as well as the hook and eye closure.

As of this moment, I'm probably going to leave the headscarf untrimmed. If everything else gets finished, I'll trim it in some black lace.

I have not started putting the basque bodice together. Or checked my button stash for buttons for the basque.

But I did cut out the lining for my playsuit. But I didn't check to see if the playsuit does in fact match my clockwork skirt. However I know that I do not have a zipper, but I didn't get a chance to look for thread, I probably have something close enough that I can use. I obviously didn't start putting it together.

Weekend to do list:

  • I'm going home to my parents, so first up is finishing the crazy quilt gore my mother has so that the crazy quilt skirt is ready to put together.
  • Work on the petticoat - at least get the waistband finished and the hem pinned. I'd also like to finish the inside with some bias to prevent fraying.
  • Start pinning the basque bodice together.
  • Wash the petticoat lace.
  • Start pinning the playsuit together, or at least read over the instructions

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