Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progress Update - March 19 2012

Cut out the rest of the bodice: I did what I could. I cut the cuffs and collar out of the Paris print, and cut what I could out of black broadcloth for the lining. Beau is borrowing another piece of black broadcloth I have next weekend, so once I have that back and wash it, I can cut out the rest of the lining.

Finish gathering tier 3 of the petticoat and sew it onto tier 2: Done! I checked the length by pinning the petticoat to my dress form and then pinning two gores (basted together) over it to see how everything looked. Which is so far, so good. Right now, the petticoat is a couple inches longer than the skirt. My current thinking is that I sew lace to the bottom of the petticoat, and then add the black ruffle (attaching it to the seam where tier 3 is attached) so that it comes to the top of my boots. Another idea: I add a narrow ruffle of eyelet and attach it as well as the black ruffle to to tier 3...

Petticoat on my dress form.

Skirt pinned over the petticoat, I'm thinking I'll need to wear a net petticoat underneath for more fullness...

Length of skirt versus petticoat.

Of course, I don't have 10 yards of white lace in my stash but I did have a massive amount of a cream lace. So it's currently in a water and bleach bath in an attempt to lighten it. We'll see how that turns out.

Check the lilac linen: DONE! Not only did I have enough linen, but I washed (light), dried (low and only for 40 minutes) and ironed (linen setting, sprayed with water as I went along) it! Then I cut out the pattern.

Laying out the playsuit pattern...

I didn't start putting the bodice together, mainly because I really didn't feel like it.

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