Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress and Update - Saturday March 17

Happy Saint Patrick's Day my dearest friends!! I'm wearing a green tshirt in the spirit of the day. (It's an All American Rejects shirt lol)

I finished basting the interlining, but haven't worked on the bodice otherwise.

I have worked on the petticoat! Tier 1 and 2 are gathered and sewn together. Tier 3 is half gathered. I stopped, because I got tired of the gathering -- Tier 3 is afterall 360 inches long.

I also went through my fabric stash. I have some things that I'm offering to friends, probably for a small payment. I also threw out a bunch of fabric scraps. As well as reorganized the stash so it makes a little more sense, including separating out a few things that will work if my brother's spawn is female.

And I figured out how the skirt gores go together. They're pinned, haven't decided if I want to stitch them now or not though.

What I'd like to do tomorrow: Cut out the rest of the bodice. Finish gathering tier 3 of the petticoat and sew it onto tier 2. Check the lilac linen. If all that's done, start putting the bodice together.

Final note: I found a triangular piece of black lace that I think will work much better for my gypsy steampunk. I may need to edge it in some black lace trim...

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