Monday, March 5, 2012

March 2012 To Do List

First up, a look at February (although most of this was done in March...):
  • Sew D rings onto the gypsy corset: DONE
  • Started stage two of the crazy quilt skirt!
  • Paris overskirt: DONE
March 2012 To Do List: This is mainly preparation for the Steampunk Empire Symposium next month.
  • Gyspy Steampunk: I'd really like to get the skirt finished this month (or early next), but a lot of that depends on my mother. I'm planning to give her a deadline on getting her three gores done. I did enough yesterday that I feel I could embroider a gore in around a week, so I think the end of the month, or early next month is doable. Once the skirt's done, I'll start on the petticoat. I may actually start on this sooner, because I could get the length from my three gores if I sew them together once they're embroidered. I'm currently trying to decide on what style of petticoat I want to make: plain with ruffles at the bottom v. a tiered gathered petticoat, probably with a yoke at the top. I also need to finish the headscarf. Deadline: End of April for the Steampunk Empire Symposium.
  • Paris Ensemble: The overskirt is finished and the mock up of the bodice is put together. Next comes fitting the mock up, then starting the actual bodice, which is going to be quite the undertaking. Deadline: End of April for the Steampunk Empire Symposium.
  • I may also try to get my Keeper of the Keys cincher finished as well as fixing the skirt (the zipper is broken and it needs taken in).
Things that have been taken off the 'immediate' list:
  • Concert tshirts throw
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in.
  • Make Beau Star Wars pajama pants if he wants them.
  • New fleece coat for Beau's Snowtrooper.

EDIT -- My mother can't find my embroidery book, so I saved some tutorials on my flash drive and printed a couple out in case I can't open the document on my laptop at home. Internet, I would be lost without you. I found some really cool complicated stitches too. Oh yeah, I'm gonna embroider the heck out of this skirt.

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