Friday, March 30, 2012

Truly Victorian Wish List...

...comes to $70. Without shipping.


Well closer to $60 really, because I'm not completely sold on the one bodice pattern I have on there right now...But still, that's rather a lot.

What I would like to buy:
  • Victorian petticoats. It comes with four petticoats - early bustle, natural form, late bustle and belle epoch. Definitely a good investment.
  • 1870s Underskirt. I need this to go under my square overskirt. I'll make it in the pretty grey taffeta I got for a steal.
  • 1885 Four Gore Underskirt. Eventually I would like to make this to go with my asymmetrical overskirt, probably in pink satin.
  • 1873 Polanaise. Not a good investment, doesn't go with anything I already have but I WANT it. It is so freaking pretty.
  • The only bodice I have is the 1884 French vest and I'm not completely sold on it. So that can definitely wait.
I think the most important are probably the petticoat pattern and the underskirt patterns. Even though I really REALLY want the polanaise, I have plans for the others that go with costumes currently in my wardrobe or under construction. So I can justify (somewhat) the underskirt patterns, and the petticoats, but I could wait for the latter if necessary.

And now, it's bedtime. Bonne nuit!

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