Friday, December 2, 2011

To Do List Update - Gypsy Steampunk and Christmas

Steampunk Gypsy:

Three of the six crazy quilt skirt panels are finished and at my mother's house for embroidery. I need to find some of my embroidery threads to take to her for her to use on them. Panel number four is well underway.

As for the corset, I've reached the construction point. After hand basting the cotton interlining to the silk for support and stability and also hand basting the broadcloth lining to the denim interlining, I started sewing everything together. Both sides of the silk outer layer and lining / denim inner layer have been stitched together. I need to baste together the front for fitting purposes, probably take it in some, and then move on to sewing the layers together. I'm planning for this to be lightly boned, probably just at the center front, side front, side and center back with no boning on the curved side back seam. I'm also only planning one bone per seam as opposed to the usual two bones per seam that I usually follow.

The back will fasten with lacing and eyelets (I'm contemplating stitching over the eyelets to give them a prettier look, but haven't decided for sure) while the front will likely close with a separating zipper. I want to have straps of some sort that go up the front to the buckles at the shoulders, my mother suggested brown would look pretty with the teal. I agree but wonder about how that will look with the planned black petticoats. I also need to find buckles. Brown pleather straps would be rather lovely though, and I have some brown faux silk that may work for the binding...

I'm also planning to make a tiered black petticoat to wear underneath the crazy quilt.

Christmas presents:

I started my other Christmas sewing. I made a pillowcase for Beau and used the left over fabric to trim the stocking I made him from left over red taffeta from Diamonds are Forever. My stocking is the same base fabric and will be trimmed in some University of Cincinnati cotton I have in my stash. Other than finishing my stocking, the only other thing I have to sew is the toaster cover for my father's gift.

Harley Quinn body suit improvements:

I know how I'm going to do the cuffs, but I haven't started them yet. I did cut out the collar but its too small and needs to be recut at a slightly larger size.

Elf punk hat:

I'm thinking of some sort of fascinator style hat, covered with clip on Christmas decorations, fabric flowers, red tulle, and some gold beads.

Stash sewing:

If I don't get any commissions, this will probably be the next project tackled. I'm planning something vaguely 18th out of a cream and black flocked taffeta (if there's enough fabric); and a new skirt for my black plaid outfit that is more plaid, probably a shorter skirt with a wide plaid ruffle or pleated ruffle at the hem leaving little of the actual skirt exposed.

Speaking of commissions, I am taking them again. I've had some interest from a few people but nothing firm yet.

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