Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Completed Projects

Since its unlikely that I'll make anything else this year, here's the list of completed projects in 2011.


  1. Kermit the Frog pajama pants
  2. Imperial Officer uniform
  3. Catwoman for Miss Dashwood
  4. Harem pants for Lady of the Ottoman Empire
  5. Pin Up Skirt
  6. Star Wars quilt top for my beau
  1. Purple Knit Tunic
  2. Think Pink Skirt
  3. Valentine's Nightie
  4. City Bluescape Skirt
  5. Imperial Officer pants
  1. Bob's corset
  2. Ruffle added to HQ petticoat.
  3. Cage bustle petticoat.
  1. Corset for Rachel.
  2. Steamnun costume for Miss Dashwood.
  1. Imperial Officer toga for my beau.
  2. Asian inspired jacket for Miss Von Stoup.
  3. Persian steampunk.
  4. Vest for my beau.
  1. Pink silk dupioni corset.
  1. Sleep shorts
  2. Scarlet Spider body suit and hood for a fellow Archonite.
  1. Embroidered Ottoman vest.
  2. For Miss Von Stoup: Asian print circle skirt. Post apoc jacket. Confederate steampunk jacket.
  3. Confederate steampunk uniform for myself.
  4. A Star Wars kilt for Beau.
  5. Time Traveler hat.
  6. Sirwal using Miss Kagashi's tutorial.
  7. Also stitched together a couple scarves to make a bustle for the Lady of the Ottoman Empire.
  8. Mystery costume aks Watermelon Girl.
  1. Nothing because I was in the process of moving.
  1. A tutu for my own version of Harley Quinn.
  1. My beau's Star Wars quilt that I started about a year ago.
  2. My mother's Christmas present - a wall hanging from applique squares my grandmother made
  3. Keeper of the Keys skirt
  4. Sewed trim onto Diamonds Are Forever (steampunk Harley Quinn) to improve it.
  5. Elf punk bustle
  6. Pink pinstriped retro jumper
  7. Navy slim skirt retro jumper
  8. Pillowcase for Beau for Christmas
  9. Christmas stockings for Beau and myself
  1. Elf punk hat. - Stash fabric and elastic, purchased flowers and feathers.
  2. Toaster cover for my father for Christmas - purchased fabric, stash thread, no pattern used
  3. New, more accurate cuffs and collar for comic book Harley Quinn - purchased trim, stash fabric, closures and pom poms

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