Monday, December 5, 2011

December To Do List

If you remember, my basic to do list to finish by December 31 was:
  • fall/winter sewing
  • elf punk
  • sewing for Miss Von Stoup
  • Harley Quinn revamp
  • patchwork skirt for gypsy-punk
  • stash sewing: cream and black satin, black and silver plaid, purple linen, bright pink satin
  • corsets
Since it is now a few days into December, I figured an update was in order.

First up, I finished the fall / winter sewing: Keeper of the Keys skirt out of white and black key printed flannel. Two retro jumpers, one with a full skirt out of pink and grey pinstriped shirting, one slim skirted out of blue wide wale corduroy.

Next, my elf punk ensemble which is now DONE. I turned an old Christmas table cloth into a bustle and apron and made a matching hat. I plan to wear it with my black underskirt, a white blouse and either a burgundy or red bodice. I do need to trim some pulled fringe though.

I've been working on my Harley Quinn revamp: Diamonds are Forever is now trimmed in tiny white pom pom fringe. I started the collar for my comic book version, but its too small so I need to recut it slightly larger. And I purchased the ruffled trim to make the new comic book cuffs.

The patchwork skirt for my gypsy steampunk is well underway as is the corset. Three panels are at my mother's for embroidery and a fourth is almost finished. The corset needs some fitting issues corrected before I put it together and I've purchased trim for that as well.

What is unlikely to happen within the next month: Sewing for Miss Von Stoup. Sewing for myself from the stash.

December 31, 2011 To Do List:
1. Finish Christmas presents.
2. Finish crazy quilt skirt panels.
3. Finish gypsy steampunk corset.
4. Finish Harley Quinn bodysuit revamp - new collar and cuffs.
5. If all that gets done, work on my gypsy steampunk tiered petticoat.

This week:
1. Trim pulled fringe on elf punk bustle and assemble the outfit for Sunday's tea.
2. Find embroidery thread for my mother.
3. Finish skirt panel number four.
4. Make a toaster cover for a Christmas present.
5. Work on the gypsy steampunk corset.

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