Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Sewing Goals

"2012 Sewing Goals"...sounds kind of pretentious doesn't it? But it was a better option than "2012 Sewing To Do List" Ah me and my to do lists. I know they're over the top, but they keep me sane, especially during convention season.

First up, a blog goal -- more photos! I want them, you want them, I just need to find my missing camera and actually document my sewing.

Now for the sewing goals -- costuming.
  1. Finish my gypsy steampunk ensemble. Ideally, I'd like this for the Steampunk Empire Symposium in April. Progress: I have five of the six skirt gores pieced and the corset about halfway completed. First stage is to piece gore number six and finish the corset. Then I need to discuss the embroidery with my mother to see how much she would like me to do. Second stage is embroidering all six panels, then putting them together in a skirt. I already have a blouse, so the third stage is the accessories: the headscarf trimmed in lace and ribbons and the black tiered petticoat to wear underneath the skirt.
  2. 1875 Square Overskirt (Truly Victorian) in black and silver plaid. I'm going to trim it in silver lace over black ribbon and maybe some additional ruching or ruffles in silver. The back poufs will probably be black or silver because I am almost positive that I don't have enough plaid. Currently, I'm planning the tails in black or silver trimmed in plaid binding.
  3. Pink and black steampunk ensemble. I'm planning to use two of my new Truly Victorian patterns to make a new bodice and overskirt for my black underskirt. The bodice is the 1872 vest basque: bright pink satin with a black vest front and trimmed in black lace. The vest front will probably be left over underskirt material. The overskirt is going to be the 1886 asymmetrical overskirt. It is meant for bordered fabrics, and as you know I originally planned to make it in a sari brocade, but I have YARDS of bright pink satin to use so I decided to just make my own bordered fabric. I'm going to hem the pink satin and trim it out in something black, maybe just some strips of underskirt fabric, maybe some decorative stitching, maybe something more elaborate, I haven't decided yet. I'm also seeing some chains draped across the skirt...and the bodice will have a watch pocket because I have an antique pocket watch and watch fob to carry! Eventually and if there's enough satin left over, I may make an underskirt as well.
  4. An underbust corset out of left over key print flannel to wear with my Keeper of the Keys skirt and a blouse for steam casual events
  5. 1884 Wash Overskirt. My last Truly Victorian pattern, but I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do with it yet...
  6. I do want to do a sari inspired head to toe Victorian ensemble. Probably with the 1886 asymmetrical overskirt and a couple new patterns so the outfit is more historically accurate. Probably the 1885 four gore underskirt and the 1885 cuirass bodice, although the 1884 French vest is also tempting.
  7. Female Joker. This would be a 'maybe' project. Its something I want to do, I just don't know if I want to do it in 2012. Maybe this is what I could use the wash overskirt for, out of lilac linen...
  8. I'd love to a natural form Victorian costume. Probably the fantail skirt, Hermione overskirt and dinner bodice, all from Truly Victorian. Maybe this could be my femme Joker...
  9. I'd still like to do an 18th century costume. Not necessarily a 2012 project.
  10. And I also have a desire to do a French Huguenot costume. A branch of my family were Huguenots that fled the persecution in France, first for the Channel Islands and then on to America. Again not necessarily a 2012 project.
  11. A Victorian bathing suit. They're having a swimsuit competition at Steampunk Empire Symposium. I just need to figure out how to frankenpattern it, because I'm not paying what a pattern for an old fashioned bathing costume costs.

Other sewing goals:

  1. My two retro sundresses from my free patterns. I have no idea on fabric choice, but I really want a cupcake printed sundress for some reason.
  2. I'd still like to make a playsuit with removable skirt, the project that never happened last summer.
  3. I have a throw I made from concert tshirts that I'd like to enlarge.
  4. I have some flannel I'd like to make into a quilt.
  5. I have some Spiderman flannel that wants to be pajama pants.
  6. And some nativity printed cotton that wants to be a dress.
  7. A circle skirt out of Halloween pin up fabric.
  8. A high waisted skirt from my retro jumper pattern.

That's all I can think of for now.

Have a happy, steamy New Year everyone!!!

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