Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Truly Victorian Pattern Sewing Plans

1886 Bordered Asymmetrical Overskirt: This needs to be done in a bordered fabric. I'm thinking of using a sari-esque brocade. If I can find one that coordinates with some stash fabric, then I could make the vest basque to match. This is going to be an expensive undertaking, because most brocades are around $10 a yard, and I'll need 4.5 yards just for the overskirt, more if I use some as part of a matching bodice.

1884 Wash Overskirt: I have a few ideas for this one. I could do pink satin trimmed in black to go with my plans for the vest basque. Or I could use up some other stash fabric like a white and black floral or the purple linen.

1875 Square Overskirt: I really want to use up some stash materials on this. I want to make it out of my black and silver plaid, trimmed in silver lace laid over black ribbon so it doesn't disappear against the plaid. If I don't have enough plaid, I could do the back poufs in a coordinating fabric, like black or silver satin or even black flocked chiffon like the underskirt I'll wear this with.

1872 Vest Basque: Again, I have several ideas. Pink satin trimmed in black. Or if I can find a sari brocade to coordinate, maybe use my purple linen here.

Of course, all of these plans depend on how much yardage I have of everything, because I have no idea.

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