Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harley Quinn and Thoughts on Tracing Patterns

First up, I sewed the pom poms onto my Harley Quinn collar. So all that's left to do is hook and eyes on each side to fasten it on. Or sewing one side together and hook and eye on the other side, either way will work I'm sure.

Secondly, I've been thinking about working with my Truly Victorian patterns. I know they'll need to be traced, and so my first thought was tracing wheel and tracing paper. But then I thought about it some more and I already have a huge roll of interfacing-ish material that is FOR making patterns, so now I'm thinking laying that over my pattern and tracing with a pen or marker might be the best bet.

We'll be going to my parents' house for Christmas this year. Packing list: Harley Quinn collar and cuffs along with white thread, hooks and eyes and snaps. My crazy quilt skirt. The corset is staying behind because there's nothing I can do at this moment on it. And, of course, my new patterns and tracing supplies. My parents do after all have lovely hardwood floors perfect for tracing. EDIT - Everything's packed, but I decided to leave the tracing supplies behind (the patterns are still going for oohing and aahing purposes however). And I packed supplies for my gypsy scarf -- a plain black bandana I found in my supplies along with some black lace and turquoise and purple ribbon.

A bientot, mes amis! Et Joyeux Noel!

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