Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas and Ohayocon Prep 5

Greetings to my dearest readers on this chilly autumn morning. The weather just makes me want to curl up in bed with a good book and a good man or stay at home, all cuddly in pajamas and a robe and sew all day. Alas, I am at work and will spend my day in a chilly office (our heater isn't working right, thankfully I have a space heater under my desk or I'd be a Leah-sicle) instead of sewing like I'd prefer.

Now for my update on Christmas and Ohayocon preparations!

First off - I finished my HQ petticoat!

Secondly - I threaded the elastic through the casing of my beloved sister in law pajama pants so they are finished for the time being. A fitting is required to completely finish them after all.

With Christmas presents well in hand, I pulled out the next fabric and patterns for my HQ and started cutting! Out of my diamond patterned cotton I cut out the bustle apron and my new corset. I also cut all the corset pattern pieces out of white sateen (for the lining) and muslin (for the interlining). The back of the bustle apron was cut out of muslin and white sateen. It won't show (it'll be under the actual bustle) so I didn't want to waste my diamond on it when I need what's left of the diamonds to line part of the bustle. I believe the bustle is going to end up partially lined in diamonds and partially in sateen.

With everything cut out, I started a little sewing. The apron sides where pinned and sewn to the apron front. Then I pinned the two pieces of the apron back together but did not have the chance to sew them before I had to leave the Companions' Shuttle to meet my beloved adopted sister for food and libations (and talking of course). I did have the time to pull out my iron and our tiny ironing board and iron all of the corset pieces, 36 total pieces I believe -- six pattern pieces, three fabrics and two of each pattern piece.

In my sewing basket today -- All my corset pieces so I can pin them together for sewing. I'll pin the lining together so it can be sewn and used as a fitting tool. The diamonds and the interlining will be pinned so that each piece of diamonds is backed by muslin and sewn together before I construct the corset. I also have all of my bustle pieces so I can get them cut and pinned together so the bustle can be constructed.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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