Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mid Ohio Con / TeslaCon Prep Take 2

Progress on my to do list --

1. Spats for my captain - Buttonholes stitched using the fabulous 4 step buttonhole stitch on my beau's mother's machine. The functioning buttons are all sewn on, I first attempted to sew them on w her machine but it was too much of a hassle. Hand stitching was much easier. What I still need to do - cut open the buttonholes and put fray check on them, sew on the non functioning buttons and the elastic across the bottom.

2. New Rebel Trooper shirt for my beau - Sewed five snaps down the side and a hook and eye at the top. Beau has requested the bib be lengthened so that he can tuck it in and another snap be sewn on near the bottom.

3. A wrap to go with Queen Gorgo - I purchased and washed two yards of 36" wide white muslin for my wrap. Also washed my Gorgo dress as the hem was covered in stains from the party I attended at Marcon while wearing it.

4. Velcro on a tshirt for my beau - Started this last night. One side is hand basted on. I need to hand baste the other side on, then machine stitch both sides and then see about sewing the other side of the velcro onto the patches that will then velcro onto the shirt. Have I ever mentioned that I hate velcro with a fiery burning passion?

So my current to do list right now for the rest of this week is --
1. Spats for my captain - finish sewing on buttons, finish the buttonholes and sew on the elastic.
2. Finishing my Harley Quinn - bra. (I think this is going to wait for another time).
3. New Rebel Trooper shirt for my beau - bib lengthening and snap.
4. Velcro on a tshirt for my beau - finish and then work on the patches.

Other things on my to do list --
6. Hemming my beau's kilt.
7. Imperial Officer uniform for myself.
8. Next steampunk costume.
10. And of course, there are Christmas presents to be made. I'll probably actually tackle these before I start on the next costumes for myself.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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