Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harley Quinn - a partial stash project

A lot of what I used for my steampunk Harley Quinn costume came from my stash.

1. Petticoat - made out of black and white striped cotton that I purchased a year or so ago

2. Petticoat and underskirt waistband - used red quilt binding that my grandmother gave me a while ago

3. Petticoat and underskirt hem - used polyester horsehair binding that I tend to keep in my stash

4. Lace trim on bustle and corset - given to me by my beau's mother recently

5. Bustle and corset - used black and white harlequin diamond patterned cotton purchased last year

6. Lining of the corset, bustle waistband, bustle lining and apron back - white sateen purchased as lining for a dress I made a few years ago and didn't use all of

7. Interlining of the corset and jacket - muslin that I keep on hand

8. Binding of apron seams - red and white striped cotton left over from my parents' aprons

9. Boning of the corset - left overs from several other projects so its a mishmash of three different types of boning actually

10. Jacket lining - left over red broadcloth from making my parents' aprons

11. All the patterns were ones that I had in my stash

12. Mini top hat - plastic cup I had, cardboard from the recycle bin at work, fabric and ribbon left over from my costume, lace from the stash my beau's mother gave me, elastic from my stash

13. Purse cover - left over taffeta from my costume, ribbon and buttons from my stash, lace from the stash my beau's mother gave me

14. Grommets for the jacket - from my stash

15. Red cord for the jacket lacing - from the stash my beau's mother gave me

16. Mask base - Crinoline left over from other projects

17. Black satin for covering mask - left over from another project

18. Ribbon and double sided tape for the mask handle - from my stash. I also made the tassel with ribbon and trim from my stash.

What I purchased -

1. Black and red taffeta to use for the underskirt and jacket

2. Netting for the bustle

3. Red ribbon to trim the bustle and corset

4. Zipper for the corset

5. Dowel rod for the mask

6. Hair comb for the mini top hat

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