Monday, November 8, 2010

Mid Ohio Con - some pictures

Hello my darlings, I had a fantastic time at Mid Ohio Con this weekend and thought I'd share a few pictures and construction details. Unfort. I find myself without photos of my airship stewardess costume so here's pictures and info about Harley Quinn. By the way, I had a fabulous time cosplaying as her this weekend.

Here's a full length view of my Harley Quinn costume with my new hat. I used Kwik Sew 3052, View A for the body suit, inserting a waist seam. It has a front zipper (which is canon). The body suit is trimmed in white lace, which is not canon but I chose to use it because I do a steampunk version of this costume and wanted it to have a Victorian aesthetic for that purpose.

For the hat I used McCalls 2814 (which I think is now out of print). It took massive alterations for it to fit and it still needs work. The pompoms are made out of lace that was gathered to make the pompoms, again not canon but done to match the lace on the costume.

Here's a shot with a random military ball attender and a couple fellow con goers that I made friends with, including a pretty awesome Mistah J.

And in case anyone is interested in the steamy pajama pants I made for myself and the lovely Miss Dashwood, here's a shot of me wearing mine (with a classy Hustler tank top that I think is funny and my beau's RFT helmet).


  1. Yay pictures! I wore the pj pants you made me at TeslaCon! :D

    Anyway, I think your Harley looks awesome, but we need to get you mismatched shoes to go with it. I love the lace ball thingies on the jester hat, I think it works really well.

  2. I'm glad that we could match, even if we were hundreds of miles apart!

    I do need the mismatched shoes (can we say spats?) and thanks! I like the lace bobbies as well. I thought they worked well with the rest of the trim.