Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mid Ohio Con / TeslaCon Prep 3

Progress --

1. Finished the Captain's spats for my captain. All of the buttons and the elastic were sewn on yesterday afternoon. Once I got home, I treated all the buttonholes with Fray Check, let it dry (aka hit it with my hair dryer) then slashed the buttonholes open. I made sure all the buttons and buttonholes would close before taking them over to the Captain's lodging.

2. Finished my beau's new Rebel Trooper shirt. Last night I lengthened the bib using left over bits of one of the shirts we cannibalized to make the bib in the first place. I just finished sewing on the last snap so that the bib will fasten to his liking.

3. Velcro is hand basted onto both sleeves. When I get home tonight, I will go over it on the machine. Basting will hold the velcro in place for the machine stitching better than pins. Planning to buy more velcro and might also pick up some matching thread for the patches on my lunch break. I'm going to look into double sided tape as well. I have some but its at home and the more sewing I can get done at work, the better!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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