Friday, November 12, 2010

Harley Quinn Inspiration

First of all, a picture of the original Harley Quinn, this is a comic book cover I believe.

My main inspiration for my new HQ design was Victorian fancy dress costumes. They were often shorter than normal wear and a bit over the top. Perfect for a harlequin.

I love this dress, pictures found online at the FIDM Museum and Galleries blog (

I also found some inspiration in a book from the 1880s on how to dress for a fancy ball. The book can be found here - I saved some pictures from it, but there are simply too many to post.

I also took a tad bit of inspiration from this artist's rendering of a female joker figure - I'm just linking to the webpage so as to not offend the artist by posting his work. I love the headdress, but the whole outfit is beautiful.

And I positively love these 17th century stays (no idea where I found the photo...) I might incorporate a similar closure into Harley.

Some patterns that I'm planning to use (these are all from Simplicity) --

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