Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE Top Construction

On December 29, I realized that the perfect thing to wear to the NYE party I was slated to attend would be a backless dress. This realization came out of the desire to show off the newly completed back piece - "Snow Queen" tattoo.

Over the next couple days, I contemplated several different ways to make the dress and gradually formulated a plan in my head to make one before the party. Despite being sick on the 30th, the dress was finished with time to spare. And I made a shrug as well!

Here's what I did:

I took a remnant of brown knit fabric that I had (originally purchased for leggings, but too small. Then made into an attempted wrap but it was too small for that as well) and cut the front of the tunic using a knit tank pajama top pattern. The neckline was cut straight across instead of scooped and I just cut it as long as the piece of fabric I was using. I measured the tunic to see how long straps from shoulder to side would need to be. Then I cut two strips of fabric about 14 inches long (I think). They were wide enough to be folded in half and turned for finished straps that ended up around an inch and a half wide. Next the straps were sewn on, attached at the neck and the side, crisscrossing over the back.

Then came a fitting. It looked good and was already long enough to cover down past my hips. I took a piece of fabric that was originally the side of my attempted wrap and moved it around until I was pleased with its positioning across my behind. This rectangle was sewn from matching the corner of the top edge of the rectangle to the bottom corner of my tunic / dress front, and up around 12 inches. I did this on both sides. This left the points of the rectangle to hang down, forming a nice drape.

I then finished the inside edges - some with a narrow hem, but I lined the upper portion of the front. I left the dress / tunic unhemmed.

The dress / tunic was a hit, mainly because it was so demure in the front and scandalous in the back.

I also made a quick little shrug from a rectangle of fabric, sewn only to make the sleeves and left open in the middle.  All in all I maybe spent a couple hours constructing both items.

I really think I need another top like this. I'm kinda in love...
The back of my dress / tunic, picture taken by a friend (Carol)

And the front of the tunic / dress, picture by the lovely Sarah Hans 

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