Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fabric Shopping and Project Planning!

A dear friend and I went shopping Monday evening. I picked up several items for projects that I want to work on:

Three yards of a wide green cotton to use for the lobster tail bustle as well as lining for my stays. (sewing challenge Under It All)
A little under a yard of a heavy weight patterned cotton to use for the stays.
A couple yards of a blue swiss dot. No idea what that'll be, but I'm thinking Easter dress...
And five yards of a pink and white striped polyester to use for a petticoat. Inspired by this fantastic petticoat. Mine will be an earlier decade, probably with some ruffles. (sewing challenge Stripes)

I'm actually contemplating an entire little underwear set of pink and white --- petticoat, chemise (probably using a tank top pattern and not an actually full length chemise, or one of my night gown patterns I have. I think this one, sleeveless shortened and trimmed with lace would make a pretty little chemise to wear...) and white underbust corset. I've been meaning to play with the underbust pattern I have anyways...

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