Monday, January 28, 2013

What HAS Miss Wilde Been Up To?

Of course, the first answer to this question is always "No Good." ;)

I've been working on my Keeper of the Keys corset.
1. Sew boning channels and bone the seams DONE
2. Cut out, put together and baste in the lining (after of course finding something in the stash to line it with...think I can use some of the pink or green cotton that I have?) DONE out of green cotton
3. Put in the zipper while putting in the lining DONE
4. Cover all the seams with ribbon or other trim to disguise the fact that the boning channels don't go quite all the way to the seams... Not necessary, managed to get the seams properly stitched
5. Find something for the binding and bind the edges - Found black and silver striped fabric to use for the binding and it is in the process of being put on.

And I worked on my pink and white underwear:
Finish the binding and hem the pink and white chemise. DONE
Finish the seams and hem the petticoat. Worked on, still have one seam to stitch and finish.
Add petticoat waistband, with closure and buttons for remove-able ruffles.
Hem the edges of the ruffle base and start making the ruffles.
They will be trimmed in lace and narrow white ribbon.
The petticoat itself will probably have a ruffle at the bottom as well.
Once that's all done, start the corset. Cut the corset out of white satin. I need lining, and interlining before I can work on it any more.

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