Monday, January 14, 2013

Ohayocon Schedule

Ohayocon is a pretty good sized anime based convention that has expanded into other areas of cosplay. It has a predominately young young crowd. 

My panels this weekend:

  • Steampunk and Men's Fashion at 1:30 am Friday night in Delaware C
  • A New Introduction to Steampunk at midnight Saturday night in Delaware C (lead panelist)
  • Steampunk on a Budget at 4 pm Sunday afternoon in Harrison (lead panelist)
Other Airship Archon panels:
  • How to Mod a Squirt Gun at 10:30 pm Saturday night in Delaware D
  • Zombies in Steampunk at 1 pm on Saturday in Fairfield A-B
  • Steampunk in Gaming at 5 pm on Saturday in Harrison
  • Where Steampunk Meets Lolita at 11:30 am on Sunday morning in Union A-B
Other steampunk offerings:
  • Thrifty Steampunk at 8 pm Friday night in Delaware A-B
Panels that interest me:
  • Basic Pattern Making and Sewing at 1:30 pm Friday in Delaware D
  • Vampires Don't Sparkle at 9 pm Friday in Fairfield A-B
  • Birds Bats and Bugs A Wings Tutorial at 930 pm Friday in Delaware D
  • Doctor Who Chaos in Columbus at 1030 am Saturday in Regency
  • Cosplay Materials Beyond Fabric at 1 pm Saturday in Delaware D
  • Advanced Pattern Making and Sewing at 1130 am Sunday in Delaware C
And there's a DC photoshoot Saturday at 4:30 pm. I'll need to decide what to wear for that one... And the Doctor Who photoshoot might be fun to witness, it's at 8 pm Friday. 

And we're going to have an Airship Archon meetup for a late lunch on Saturday at 2 pm.

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