Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keeper of the Keys corset - With a DEADLINE

This project now has a deadline - February 2 for the Airship Archon Winter Outing.

My plan is to wear the Keeper of the Keys skirt and a blouse to church, then throw on the corset and head out to meet up with the Archon. To do this, I kinda need to finish the corset...

To Do:
1. Sew boning channels and bone the seams
2. Cut out, put together and baste in the lining (after of course finding something in the stash to line it with...think I can use some of the pink or green cotton that I have?)
3. Put in the zipper while putting in the lining
4. Cover all the seams with ribbon or other trim to disguise the fact that the boning channels don't go quite all the way to the seams...
5. Find something for the binding and bind the edges

Because of the way the corset is constructed, this will pretty much all be done by hand, except for putting together the lining.

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