Monday, January 14, 2013

Progress - Mainly Bustle and Petticoat

I started the new lobster tail bustle following American Duchess' tutorial. So far, so good -- I cut out the back and front pieces, with lines drawn for the boning casings. Just need to start putting it together! I decided to use a quilt binding waistband instead of her suggested waistband. Just a personal preference.

I traced the wash overskirt pattern, gathered the materials...and then then decided I really really didn't want to work on it.

So I started my pink and white underwear set instead. :) I used my standard underskirt pattern for the base petticoat, used the bustle pillow pattern as a guide for the ruffle addition that will be remove-able and cut out the chemise. As of now, the chemise is put together, with some lace trimmings, binding pinned to the arm holes and half finished around the neck line, side and shoulder seams are finished. Pretty much all of the seams on this set are going to have to be finished because the fabric is very light weight and prone to fraying. I need to finish the binding on the chemise and hem it. The petticoat front gores have been sewn together and the seams are pinned for finishing. The back gores are sewn together and don't need finished because I used the selvedge for that edge. :) I also pulled out some white satin for the corset. I need to find or purchase something for the interlining though.

Worked on the Keeper of the Keys corset. All it needs is lining, boning at the seams, binding and a zipper.

Embroidery on the embroidered quilt is DONE

And I packed for Ohayocon. Which still needs finished, but it's mostly done. :)

To Do List for the Next Couple Weeks:

Mending for a friend. Need to pick up some iron on denim patches.

I need to purchase batting for the baby quilt and get the binding made.

Find the inspiration to work on that wash overskirt...

Finish the binding and hem the pink and white chemise. Finish the seams and hem the petticoat. Add petticoat waistband, with closure and buttons for remove-able ruffles. Hem the edges of the ruffle base and start making the ruffles. They will be trimmed in lace and narrow white ribbon. The petticoat itself will probably have a ruffle at the bottom as well. Once that's all done, start the corset.

Be nice to finish that damned Keeper of the Keys corset...

Start putting the embroidered quilt together

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