Monday, January 7, 2013

18th Century Costume Planning

Dear readers, I have come to the conclusion that I just need to bite the proverbial bullet and embark on an ambitious project: a complete 18th century costume. And I do mean complete.

A shift.
Probably something around my hips. Leaning towards a bum roll over the panniers / pocket hoops option.
Under petticoat.
One or more petticoats, one of which would be the outer visible petticoat.
A jacket or gown of some sort. I haven't quite decided on this yet.

I'd like to make it as accurate as I can, without spending a ton of money on patterns.

I'm still in the research / planning stage, but I figure I can at least start on the underpinnings, the shift, the stays and the petticoat. I've found several tutorials for making petticoats and shifts, because you don't really need a pattern for those. As for the stays, I'm going to use Butterick 4254.  I know its not 100% historically accurate, but it's accurate enough for me I think. I'll just need to decide if I want to use modern or historical construction techniques.

This may end up being a project of the evening gown sort...

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