Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Starting to Think of 2013 Sewing Plans...

First up is the Ohayocon sewing I need to finish:

  1. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.for Ohayocon - The corset is done. The shorts are almost done, just need to do the waistband. I need to order the socks, buy the temp color for my hair and make the neck ruff and gauntlets. 
  2. Suspenders for my femme Joker - I realized I have purple elastic and I finally bought suspender clips. Supplies in hand, just need to make the suspenders!
Now for my other unfinished projects...
  1. Keeper of the Keys underbust corset
  2. Embroidered quilt.
  3. Quilt and pillowcases for Soldiers Angels.
2013 Costuming Goals:

  1. 1884 Wash Overskirt.
  2. Sari inspired head to toe Victorian ensemble.
  3. Natural form Victorian costume.
  4. 18th century costume.
  5. French Huguenot costume. 
  6. A Victorian bathing suit. 
  7. At some point, I really need to make a Snow Queen costume... 
  8. Something Regency. Maybe a dress and a spencer...
  9. A lobster tail bustle 
2013 sewing goals:

  1. More retro dresses
  2. Finish my concert t shirt throw.
  3. Quilt for my cousin's little girl that's due in April
  4. If I end up going to Warped Tour, I need some more bikini tops to wear...

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