Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Completed Projects!

  1. Miss Fletcher's Bodice. All materials provided by Miss Fletcher. (Finished 1/16/2012)
  2. Steampunk Gypsy Corset: stash fabric, trim, thread, eyelets, D rings, and zipper; purchased eyelets, trim and buckles (Finished 1/17/2012 except for the D rings)
  3. Stage One of Steampunk Gypsy Crazy Quilt Skirt aka Piecing (Finished 1/5/2012)
  4. Black and Silver Plaid 1875 Square Overskirt and matching hat: Pattern (Truly Victorian 304) purchased by Beau as a gift for me. Plaid fabric, black broadcloth, silver lace trim, hook and eye closure and thread (black and metallic silver) from stash. Purchased black ribbon, hat (on clearance), silver crepe backed satin and petticoat net. (Finished 1/14/2012 except for decorative pocket)
  5. Harley Quinn collar and cuffs (Finished 1/21/2012)
  6. Star Wars pillowcases: no pattern, stash thread, purchased fabric (Finished 1/21/2012)
  7. Star Wars nightgown: stash thread and snaps, purchased fabric and pattern (Finished 1/21/2012)
  8. Spiderman pajama pants: stash and purchased fabric, stash thread and pattern (Finished 1/21/2012)
  9. Finally finished the gypsy steampunk corset with two D rings. (March)
  10. 1886 Asymmetrical Overkirt for my Paris 1880s steampunk. (March)
  11. Roma inspired steampunk crazy quilt skirt. (April)
  12. Petticoat of Doom to be worn under the Roma inspired steampunk crazy quilt skirt. (April)
  13. Decorated a clip on pouch to wear with the Roma inspired steampunk costume. (April)
  14. Mask for the SES masquerade (that I never wore) (April)
  15. Muppets fleece blanket for Nick Wheeler of the All American Rejects (he loved it, btw) (April)
  16. Playsuit. Stash fabric, purchased pattern.(Finished 6/5/2012)
  17. Paris 1880s steampunk bodice. (Finished around 7/5/2012)
  18. Shorts for the summer - red knit, pink and black knit and black gauze. All purchased fabrics, one purchased pattern, the other was a stash pattern, stash thread and I don't remember if I bought or had the elastic already.
  19. Green and white sundress. Stash fabric and pattern. (Finished around 7/5/2012) and made a petticoat (Finished before 8/2/2012)
  20. Commission for my friend Kevy Kev. (Finished by 8/20/2012)
  21. Halloween skirt. Stash fabric and pattern. (Basically done by 8/27/2012)
  22. Bunting (Finished around 7/15/2012) and nursing cover (Finished around 9/10/2012) for my nephew. 
  23. Cream tour wear leggings. Purchased fabric and pattern. (Finished 9/10/2012)
  24. Femme Joker suit, blouse and tie. Purchased fabric and dye. Stash patterns and thread. (Pretty much done by 9/17/2012)
  25.  Helped finish an embroidered baby quilt that my cousin is making for my nephew. (Finished by 9/17/2012)
  26. "I Believe in Pink" tour wear tunic. Purchased fabric and zipper, stash pattern. (Finished by 9/24/2012)
  27. "Wilde Side" tour wear leggings. Purchased fabric and pattern. (Finished before 10/13/2012)
  28. Christmas nightgown. Stash nativity print fabric that was a gift from my mom, purchased burgundy broadcloth, stash thread, stash pattern that was purchased within recent memory (Finished 10/27/2012)
  29. Leggings for Pepper. Stash pattern (kinda) and thread, purchased fabric (Finished by 11/5/2012)
  30. Harley Quinn pajama pants. Stash pattern, thread and elastic, purchased fabric (Finished by 11/5/2012)
  31. Wings for airship stewardess. Not really a sewing project, but considering they complete the costume I'm counting it! (Finished by 11/13/2012)
  32. New steampunk outfit of silver satin trimmed in silver and black plaid. Pretty much all from the stash, I think all I bought were D rings and black elastic cord for lacing. (Bodice finished by 12/1/2012, skirt finished 12/15/2012)
  33. "Naughty Christmas Elf" tour wear leggings. Stash pattern, thread and elastic; purchased fabric. (Finished 12/1/2012)
Thirty three projects in a year. Wow!

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