Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hard core Marcon prep has begun!

Yesterday I bought fabric to finish Miss Dashwood's bustle and for my Leia belt. I cut out the belt and put some sticky velcro on it to close the back. I think its a little small but it'll do for now. I also bought snaps and hook closures for Miss Dashwood's bustle and metal buttons for my Leia belt.

Today I bought fabric to make my beau a kilt. Black and red plaid and heavy cotton to line it so it has some weight to it and won't go flying around when he wears it. The fabric is currently being prewashed.

Also today I (1) worked on hand sewing ribbon onto my time traveler underskirt to finish the top edge of the ruffle (2) cut out the last pieces of Miss Dashwood's bustle and pinned the outer train to the facing so I can just sew it really quick tomorrow and (3) cut out and pinned together the pieces of fabric for my Harley Quinn hat. The hat is totally experiemental. I might need to make it larger for it to work right. Now the question is do I just add fabric to the bottom or do I re-cut the pattern pieces making them a little longer?

That's it for now!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

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