Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marcon prep #4

1. Finished the hand stitching on my beau's kilt. Now I just need to get him to try it on...

2. Put together my 'jacket.' I cut the collar piece off and trimmed down the front. I'm thinking of cutting bias strips from the plaid taffeta to finish all the edges, but we'll see. I found a piece of wide black grosgrain that I think will work for the closure. I don't think the mandarin-esque collar is going to work out. I started stitching the bodice pieces together.

3. No progress on the mystery dress.

4. Still haven't done the final stitching on Miss Dashwood's bloomers, might do that tonight.

5. In my sewing basket today - buttons to cover for my bodice. Time traveler bodice - the bottom of the zipper needed fixed and I already did that today. Time traveler skirt - going to add a ring for the bustle to tie onto to hopefully hold it in place. Time traveler bustle - going to add more ring tape so it bustles just a little bit more. I think I'll work on the buttons next - something fairly easy.

EDIT: I covered the buttons - fourteen of them - and it wasn't easy. In fact it was rather difficult and my fingers still hurt. The worst part? I don't know that fourteen buttons will be enough for my bodice, that's only seven per side, so I might have to add in some hook and eyes. We'll see. Have to finish the bodice first, don't I?

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